About Tatra Banka

Tatra Banka is Slovakia’s first private bank. Established in 1990 immediately after the collapse of the communist regime, it is one of the most successful subsidiaries of the Raiffeisenbank International Group in Central and Eastern Europe. Tatra Banka is a modern universal bank with a comprehensive offering of services for both corporate and individual clients, and currently has more than 800 thousand customers. Over the past 27 years, Tatra Banka received more than 120 awards from 27 different organizations for its excellence and innovative approach to financial services, including the prestigious designation of the Best Bank in Slovakia, as well as the title of the Most Innovative Bank in CEE & CIS at the Europe Banking Awards 2016.

To help customers demanding sophisticated banking services and to increase the speed of delivery of new services and innovative features, Tatra Banka started investigating DevOps principles and automation with the aim of increasing efficiency and supporting agile development.

  • Project:
    Application Release Automation
  • Software:
    Automic Release Automation (ARA)
  • Client:
    Tatra Banka a.s., Slovakia
  • Industry:
    Financial Services
  • Date:
    Feb 2017

Business Challenges

Demand for more frequent application updates is continuously increasing. In today’s business climate, applications must be updated at ever shorter intervals to rapidly meet new customer needs and gain or maintain competitive advantage. However, delivering new functionality and software in heterogeneous environments is becoming more complex with an ever-increasing number of steps – build, test, provision, deploy. On the other hand, changes cause errors, so there is an increased focus on stability as well. These two attributes are critical priorities for Tatra Banka also, as the bank strives to drive innovation while providing reliable services.


Our Solution

ARA automated the entire deployment cycle for Tatra Banka’s many applications, not only the newest ones, which have been developed in harmony with agile development standards, but also older monoliths that were created utilizing the waterfall model. Most importantly, ARA now orchestrates the entire DevOps pipeline and represents the core element of the bank’s entire toolchain. ARA orchestrates a whole range of important activities, such as managing artifacts in the continuous integration tool, running the configuration tool for automated provisioning, triggering the tools for automated testing and so on.


Key Features

ARA is an open platform providing compatibility and wide-ranging integration with other DevOps tools. It was specifically designed to suit the needs of complex and heterogeneous IT environments. Despite its complexity and enterprise-class robustness, the platform comes with an easy to use web based interface providing a superb intuitive user experience. Process designers are able to rely on a sophisticated model based deployment architecture and benefit from a large number of reusable objects including predefined templates and action packs for a wide range of thirdparty technologies constituting the rapidly evolving continuous delivery landscape as well as the option of creating custom action packs addressing specific needs of each organization.


Business Benefits

“From the early beginnings, we realized that we will need to automate all areas of our software delivery pipeline if we want to achieve greater efficiency and increase the speed of delivery. Therefore, we were looking for a suitable DevOps toolchain that would provide a robust and comprehensive architecture as well as wide-ranging compatibility for integration. ARA proved to be more powerful than any other solution, and its features fully covered all our requirements. ARA is now very popular at our bank, as all new projects are running through the automated delivery pipeline and everyone understands that DevOps is a key factor for faster and more effective delivery,” Andrej Šimkovič and Peter Mahut, Leaders of the DevOps Initiative at Tatra Banka.


5-times Faster Deployments

“Normally, it would have taken several hours for us to complete all the necessary steps needed to build, approve, and deploy a new release. With ARA, it’s a matter of couple of clicks and the entire release process completes within 15 minutes... Plus, the increased reliability means that there is very little risk of disrupting the business operations,” says Andrej.

Peter adds, “ARA allows you to reimagine the ways you approach releases. There is so much ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality that you can start thinking of new ways of doing things... We found that ARA’s robustness and flexibility give us the ability to quickly adapt to various situations and changing requirements from both process and technology perspectives.”